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Advantages of IMZO Aluminum Windows

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Due to new production technologies aluminum has become widespread in various fields of construction. More and more customers are deciding to install aluminum windows quite reasonably believing that this material will achieve a number of practical and operational advantages.


The progress was constrained by one factor: low thermal and sound insulation. For this reason, aluminum window profiles could be used only in rooms that did not need warming and protection against external noise (cold warehouses, utility rooms, billboards, partition walls and other architectural projects).


A small technological revolution was made by IMZO aluminum windows, the use of which is now possible in any buildings and structures without restrictions. Because of a simple but maximally reliable, efficient design, the required level of insulation of the window frame is provided. The result - excellent thermal insulation was added to all the undoubted advantages of the material and its products. That is why more and more owners of apartments, country houses, office, retail, administrative and other buildings and structures decide to buy aluminum windows.


Aluminum window production


Specialized company IMZO is a leading manufacturer of window systems in Uzbekistan. Own high-tech production allows it to develop, manufacture and produce high-quality products, which are widely known and in demand not only in the republic, but also far beyond its borders. The manufacture of aluminum windows of various shapes, sizes and purposes is one of the main courses of action of the enterprise. Advanced technologies, as well as modern automated equipment, minimize the use of manual labor, reduce the level of defects to zero and ensure a consistently high, impeccable quality of products.


Currently, the company can order aluminum windows in the following main versions:

• Cold profile constructions. Such designs are indispensable if it is required to glaze an unheated room. The main difference is the absence of special thermal inserts, which provide heat retention inside the frame. Cold aluminum is perfect for office partitions or balcony frames. At the same time, the user will be able to estimate the true worth of all the advantages of aluminum glazing.

• Warm aluminum windows. Insulating glass units are the best option for glazing residential premises and other buildings, objects where it is necessary to ensure heat preservation and create comfortable conditions for people. “Warm” technology provides for the formation of a special layer due to a thermal insert installed between two paired aluminum elements. This allows forming a thermal barrier, which will provide excellent thermal insulation. That is why IMZO aluminum windows are in ever-increasing demand, including office glazing. It is the perfect combination of price and quality, durability, and beautiful appearance!



Advantages of Aluminum Windows


High physico-mechanical, operational and other characteristics of aluminum profiles led to increased demand for the company's products among a wide range of users. Each customer who has decided to purchase his ideal window on the website can count on the following positive aspects:

•  High mechanical strength. Window structures do not need additional reinforcement. Installation, and construction process is easier and faster. The most profitable option for ordering is turnkey realization of aluminum windows.

•  Aesthetics. The profile is much smaller than plastic and, especially, wood. Such translucent structures look very stylish, modern and elegant, providing maximum transmittance.

•  The ability to create enormous areas of glazed surfaces (facades of residential buildings, office and other buildings).

•  A wide selection of shapes and sizes, a variety of finishes. This allows you to make an effective and harmonious decoration of facades.

•  Reliability, durability, resistance to corrosion, the ability to maintain an attractive appearance throughout the life of the product.

•  Affordable price for aluminum windows.


Our company offers aluminum windows from the manufacturer on the best of terms. The catalog presents various options for high quality products. The effective organization of the production process enables to offer best prices for aluminum glazing.


During its work in the market, the company has completed hundreds of orders of varying complexity and volume, all exactly on time and with perfect quality. Do you search where to order and purchase aluminum windows for affordable prices and with a guarantee of perfect quality? Contact IMZO company!

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