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What are PVC Windows

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More than 20 years ago, plastic windows came to replace unreliable, quickly failing wooden window structures and frames. Most recently, only the most affluent people could afford to install them, and now, thanks to the active development of production, almost all citizens living in Uzbekistan can afford plastic windows.


IMZO is a leading manufacturer of modern, high-quality windows in the republic. The company's products are also well-known abroad, due its perfect European quality, as well as the affordable prices for plastic windows.


Product Features


Before deciding to buy plastic windows, you should figure out what these products are and how they can differ from similar wooden structures used previously everywhere:

The first and most important difference is the frame. Special high-quality plastic (polyvinyl chloride - a material that belongs to the group of thermoplastics) is used to its production. To give the material high physical, mechanical and operational properties, special stabilizers, modifiers, coloring and other pigments, as well as other auxiliary additives, are introduced into its composition.

The use of several glasses, firmly and tightly fixed in the frame. During installation, additional heaters and other insulation materials are not used. However, 100% tightness is guaranteed.

Multifunctionality.The use of new production technologies, as well as the installation of the latest fittings  windows can be opened and fixed in a variety of positions. Previously used wooden frame structures did not allow this.

Advantages of plastic windows:

Strength, reliability and durability. It is provided not only by a special manufacturing method, but also by the composition of PVC plastic, using modern fittings.

Beauty and aesthetics. Products keep a modern attractive appearance and novelty throughout the operation.

High heat and sound insulation. Products manufactured at IMZO are adapted to the climatic conditions of the Central Asian region, which is very important for creating comfortable living conditions in a hot climate.

Reasonable prices for glazing. The competent organization of labor, the use of modern equipment and the latest technologies enables the company to produce high-quality and, at the same time, inexpensive PVC windows. Each customer will be able to choose the best option for themselves!

Ease of installation. Window installation is quite easy and fast.

Convenience and comfort in daily use. Plastic windows do not require any special care, keep novelty throughout the operation. The maximum that is recommended is to wipe the surface with a damp rag, and also periodically lubricate the fittings.

Environmental Safety. PVC is a material that does not interact with the environment, remains stable under solar UV radiation, does not change its characteristics when the temperature regime changes.

Fire safety. The manufacture of plastic windows from PVC material is completely fireproof.


All products manufactured at the enterprise comply with quality standards and norms, both international and republican level.




Windows from the manufacturer


IMZO has created ideal conditions for making PVC windows inexpensively and, at the same time, to guarantee high quality, reliability and durability. Choose your ideal window on the website, place an order, and we will produce high-quality products that are ideal for your apartment, country house, office or other premises!


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